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Simply set up scheduler and send links

Save yourself annoying emails and let your leads book appointments directly on your site itself. Valuable leads are automatically routed to the right people in your sales team and become new customers faster. The combination of sales software and online calendar shortens your lead response time and offers functional features for optimal, productive sales.

The Pro version with many useful functions is especially suitable for a live demo. Meetergo is also the right online appointment booking tool for online appointment booking via e-mail or social networks.

With your online appointment booking software, you have all the functions of your favorite applications combined in one online appointment planner. For the self-employed, the online appointment booking system from meetergo is completely free of charge.

Online appointment booking has revolutionized the way we book appointments. It allows us to book appointments around the clock without having to rely on office or store hours.

This is especially useful for people who have busy schedules and have difficulty booking appointments during normal business hours.

A good example of a tool that offers this feature is Outlook Calendar, which is part of the Office 365 package . With Outlook Calendar you can book, reschedule and cancel appointments whenever it suits you. In addition, you can set reminders to make sure you don't miss an appointment.

With meetergo, you can link your Outlook calendar and have appointments booked via a booking screen from a higher conversion rate of about 30%.

Another benefit of booking appointments online is the ability to integrate it with your email marketing. You can set up automated emails to confirm or remind customers of upcoming appointments, which can help increase customer satisfaction and reduce no-shows.

How does the online appointment scheduling software work?

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As soon as someone books an appointment with you, you and the participant will receive an email and calendar invitation.

Tools for every industry

Schedule consulting appointments online, resolve customer concerns efficiently.
Law firms
Easily organize client meetings online, save time.
Make appointments, reduce waiting times, improve service.
Book patient visits online, optimize practice workflow, minimize waiting time.
Coordinate customer service online, increase availability, boost efficiency.
Human Resources Manager
Schedule interviews online, accelerate recruiting process, find talent.

4x more leads with your appointment scheduler online

Save yourself annoying emails and let your leads book appointments directly on your site itself. Valuable leads are automatically routed to the right people in your sales team and thus become new customers faster. The combination of sales software and online appointment scheduler shortens your lead response time and offers functional features for optimal, productive sales.

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20+ functions with your online calendar

With your online appointment booking software, you have all the features of your favorite applications combined into one appointment scheduler online. Never again will your team have to switch between applications to communicate with customers and internally.

With the online booking calendar from meetergo, you combine all functions and applications in one software. Your sales team benefits from an efficient workflow - no distractions and maximum productivity. The online booking system from meetergo helps you with all your bookings. Use the online appointment booking now for free.

meetergo connect for professional meetings

The meetergo connect meeting platform is your DSGVO-compliant, German Zoom alternative. You can communicate with your team and with customers in top quality. Peer-to-peer networking ensures sufficient capacity - no matter how many participants attend your meeting.

Since meetergo connect is directly connected to the software for sales teams, you no longer have to switch between your applications, but have everything in one place.

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100% GDPR compliant

Our appointment planner online is not just any new software for sales teams. In meetergo we combine security and functionality. We offer your team an excellent alternative to Calendly and Chili Piper. For team-internal communication, your appointment planner online is a DSGVO-compliant alternative to Doodle and Timify. To present yourself as a secure, trustworthy partner to the outside world, we have developed the German Zoom alternative meetergo connect. With meetergo's software, your sales team works 100% DSGVO-compliant, both internally and externally.

Why meetergo?

Unbeatable price-performance ratio
Free of charge for solo self-employed and founders.
Functions included:
Online appointment booking
Lead Qualification & Routing
Deal Spaces
Digital business card
Native integrations
GDPR compliant & cookie free
Other software
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Questions and answers on the topic

Is meetergo really free for freelancers?

Yes, as a sole trader or self-employed person you can use meetergo free of charge. Only when you build up a team will you incur costs. We take care of your business. Try the best online appointment booking tool for free.

Is the online appointment scheduling software 100% compliant with the GDPR?

Your online appointment booking tool meetergo is 100% DSGVO compliant and meets data protection. We are a German company that works with servers in Germany. At our site, your data and the data of your customers are processed in accordance with the German Data Protection Regulation. We also offer this on our platform for video conferences from the German Zoom alternative meetergo connect. With your online appointment planner, you are always optimally secured. If you would like to know more about data security, please contact our support team and we will answer all your questions.

Can meetergo be connected to my calendars and other tools?

Your calendars - whether they are in Outlook, Google, Apple or any other system - can be easily connected to your online appointment scheduling software. Through synchronization, all your appointments are automatically transferred both in your calendars and in meetergo. CRM's like HubSpot, Pipedrive or Salesforce can also be connected natively and synchronize leads directly. You can also integrate other tools such as Zapier and have all your technical services in one place.

Does the appointment scheduler online include an automatic appointment reminder?

Both you and your clients will be reminded automatically before a scheduled meeting. Your appointment scheduler online sends optional emails or SMS notifications, so you can prepare and make sure your clients don't miss an appointment. Automation saves you considerable time and organizational effort. Furthermore, the reminder suggests to your clients that you are well prepared for your meeting.

What happens if all my appointments are fully booked?

If you do not have any more appointments available in your available period, your customers can put themselves on a waiting list. If an appointment is postponed or canceled, the people on the waiting list will be contacted and they can book the free appointment. Individually, you can activate additional appointments for a later booking period, so that more times are available.

Can I integrate the scheduler online on my website?

Your online appointment booking tool can be integrated on your website in just a few steps. Through this function, your existing customers and potential new customers have the opportunity to book an appointment directly on your website and get to know you and your business. Furthermore, you can adapt your booking page to the design of your website and present yourself in a uniform look.

How much does it cost to use the online appointment software?

For all those who are just getting started with online appointment scheduling, the use of meetergo is free of charge. We also offer a free trial period where you can try out our features and test the online appointment scheduler as a feature for your workflow. If you decide to work with your online appointment planner, you can choose from different packages with less or more features. Try online appointment planner for free now.

How can I use meetergo with an e-mail address?

meetergo can be used with email addresses to plan and organize meetings and events. Here are the steps to use meetergo with an email.

What are online dates?

Online appointments are digital appointments that make it possible to book appointments with companies or service providers via the Internet. This type of online appointment booking offers numerous advantages to both users and companies. By using appointment booking tools and online appointment calendars, companies can make their appointment scheduling more efficient, while customers benefit from the flexibility of booking appointments around the clock.

Online appointment booking is particularly useful for industries such as medical practices, hairdressers or consulting service providers, where effective scheduling is crucial. Online appointment booking systems also offer features such as automatic reminders via email or SMS to reduce missed appointments and increase customer satisfaction. These systems can also integrate with social media platforms and Google Maps to increase business visibility and facilitate customer management.

Is Doctolib free of charge?

Doctolib offers both free and paid options. For patients, using Doctolib is usually free of charge. They can use the platform to search for doctors or other medical professionals, book appointments, and manage their appointments.

Paid subscription options are available for a physician, medical practices and other healthcare providers. The cost varies depending on the package selected and the features desired. Doctolib offers a wide range of features, including online appointment booking, appointment reminders, video consultations and patient record integration. Investing in a paid subscription can help improve efficiency and service to patients, which can ultimately lead to higher patient satisfaction and better practice utilization.

Is Doodle still free?

The online appointment scheduler functions are only free of charge for a limited number of appointments.

Doodle offers both free and paid options. The free version of Doodle offers a number of features that may be sufficient for personal use, such as the ability to create polls, check people's appointments and availability, and schedule appointments and events.

Doodle's paid options offer additional features and functionality that can benefit businesses and organizations. These include, for example, integrated communication features, advanced security features, and the ability to customize branding. The cost of Doodle's paid options depends on the option chosen and the scope of features. It is important to note that Doodle's paid options are only available for professional purposes and not for personal use.

What is meant by an online booking system?

An online booking system is a digital solution that enables companies and service providers to efficiently organize their appointments, resources and management of customers. These systems offer customers the ability to book appointments around the clock, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and flexibility. Online booking systems are used in a variety of industries, such as medical practices, hair salons, consulting firms, and the leisure sector.

Some of the most important functions of online booking systems are:

  1. Appointment booking: Customers can book and manage appointments via the Internet without the need for direct contact with the company or provider.

  2. Scheduling: Organizations can effectively schedule and manage their appointments and employee resources to optimize workflow and efficiency.

  3. Automatic reminders: Online booking systems often send automatic reminders to customers via email or SMS to reduce the likelihood of missed or rescheduled appointments.

  4. Integration with existing systems: Many online booking systems can be synchronized with other software solutions such as Google Calendar, Outlook or CRM systems to enable seamless appointment management.

  5. Customer management: Companies can capture, store and manage customer data via the booking system to improve their service and carry out targeted marketing.

  6. Payment processing: Some online booking systems also offer the option of processing payments directly via the platform, which simplifies the administration and payment process for companies and customers.

  7. Reporting and analysis: Online booking systems can provide data and statistics that help companies evaluate their performance and efficiency and identify potential improvements.

How can I make appointments online?

To make appointments online, you should follow the steps below as a business or service provider:

  1. Choose an online booking system: Decide on an online booking system or scheduling software that meets your requirements. Examples of such systems include meetergo, Doctolib, Calendly or Acuity Scheduling. Consider factors such as price, feature set, ease of use, and integration with existing systems.

  2. Registration and setup: Register with the chosen provider and set up your account. This usually involves entering information about your business or services, as well as setting your opening hours and available dates.

  3. Personalization: Customize the booking system to your needs by setting up features such as individual appointment types, booking rules, appointment reminders, and cancellation policies.

  4. Integration with your website and social media: Integrate the online booking system with your website by adding a booking widget or link to the booking page. You can also embed the booking system into your social media profiles to increase visibility and accessibility for your customers.

  5. Involve employees: Inform your employees about the new system and, if necessary, train them in how to use and manage the appointments.

  6. Inform customers: Make your customers aware of the new online booking system by sharing information on your website, in emails and on social media channels. Encourage your customers to use the system for future appointment requests.

  7. Manage and adjust appointments: Monitor and manage appointments made online through the booking system. Adjust availability or booking rules as needed to further optimize your workflow and customer satisfaction.

By following these steps, you as a company or service provider can successfully schedule appointments online and offer your customers a convenient and time-saving booking process.

What is Terminland EU?

Terminland EU is an online appointment scheduling platform that enables companies and service providers to optimize their appointment scheduling and booking processes. Customers can book appointments easily and conveniently via the platform, which reduces the workload for companies and employees.

With Terminland EU, companies can efficiently organize their teams and employees by providing access to centralized online booking. The platform's appointment management functions allow both internal and external appointments to be managed and offer employees clear planning of their working hours.

The platform offers various functions for booking appointments, such as the ability to offer appointments for different services and employees. This allows customers to directly select and book the appropriate appointment for their needs.

Can I use the online scheduler freeware for free?

The online appointment calendar for customers is free for self-employed and freelancers. For corporate clients we charge a small fee for the occupancy calendar.

Is Doodle suitable for the birthday party or any other celebration?

Doodle works well as a calendar software for planning celebrations. The person can agree and send the answer anonymously. All the invitees of the group can choose the best time slot that suits their needs or time commitment in surveys. The users are then notified of the result, i.e. the date, as a response.

What's better than Doodle?

If you're looking for an alternative to Doodle, meetergo could be a good option, especially if you're looking for a platform that offers additional communication features and security functions.

There are a number of tools and platforms that can be considered as alternatives to Doodle. One of them is meetergo. meetergo is an online platform that makes it possible to plan and organize meetings and events. It offers a number of features that are similar to Doodle, such as the ability to check appointments and availability of people to find the best time for a meeting or event.

Some of the advantages of meetergo compared to Doodle are:

  • It offers a range of built-in communication features, such as video and audio conferencing, chat, and annotation, making it easier to share during meetings and events.

  • It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to plan and organize meetings and events.

  • It offers comprehensive security features to ensure that users' data and privacy remain protected.

  • It is free for personal use and also offers paid options for businesses and organizations.

How much does an online diary cost?

The cost of an online appointment varies depending on the provider and the range of functions. There are free basic versions with limited functions and paid subscription models with extended functions and customization options. Prices for paid subscriptions range from about 10 to 50 euros per month or more, depending on the functions selected, the number of users and the company's individual requirements. It is recommended to compare different providers and their pricing structures to find the best solution for your needs.

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